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Dyad - Artificial Sense [ES13]

Dyad – Artificial Sense [ES13]

Date:21 January 2009
Size:68 943 833 bytes
Length:2579 seconds
Format:mp3, VBR V0

An album of Novosibirsk musician Dyad released on the 3rd of April 2006 by netlabel which has recently stopped its activities.

Dyad is a project of Evgeniy Gavrilov from Novosibirsk City, Russia. His music is like a look from a comfortable sofa of present days to the dancefloors of the 90`s, when and where drum`n`bass met techno and they start to dance together. And people were screaming in their happyness, spending the energy and time till the end of the night.

The cult of joy in plastic. Altered States of Consciousness. Synthetic pleasure — but was it really worth it? You are in a place you`ve never been before, you are flying. You are jumping in ecstatic center of human mass. Who are you in that moments?

Sharp acid sounds, urgent drums, flat source of the movement. The music of Dyad does not want to be clever than you. It just exists across you. For those who "were there", who can speak about such kind of things without any fanaticism. Proving that you can understand anything at all. Just let the time pass.